Featured Project

In the heart of Pune, stands The Ark - Tribeca's magnum opus. A realm of luxury and elegance, The Ark - Voyage to the Stars boasts the world's largest rooftop terrace, an ethereal oasis elevating you to a different dimension.

Trump + Tribeca : Elevating Excellence

The partnership of Tribeca and the globally renowned Trump Brand spans over a decade and has yielded the largest portfolio of Trump properties in India, marrying international standards with local finesse. Together, Tribeca & Trump are reshaping luxury real estate on a global scale.

Developing The World's Largest Rooftop Terrace

At Tribeca, each project is meticulously crafted to ensure that it is the standout project in the city. The Ark serves as a testament to this, with its upcoming distinction as the world's largest rooftop terrace, poised not only to elevate the project but to also place Pune firmly on the global map.