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The Trump name in India will stand for the same qualities as anywhere else in the world.

India's appetite for super luxury is growing. The growing number of high net-worth individuals in the country and their rising aspirations are driving the demand for super luxury real estate. In fact, they are changing the very definition of it. Over a dozen big budget luxury real estate projects are underway in major Indian cities. For us, it is a very exciting time to enter the Indian Luxury market.

Our brand adds significant value to ultra luxury real estate developments. We have a globally proven track record of delivering the best in luxury real estate across verticals - be it residential, commercial retail or leisure. And now, we also have a capable partner in Tribeca who have the expertise and the right mindset to help us set up a successful presence in India.

The Trump Organization is very meticulous in its operations. Nothing is left to chance. Everything right from the planning of a project to its marketing is methodically done. It's why our properties command such a price premium and get it. We intend to bring the same advantage to our Indian operations as well. The Trump name in India will stand for the same qualities as anywhere else in the world. This is the Trump promise to India.

India, among other emerging markets, is the biggest push for our organization.

As the 4th largest economy in the world, India is a key strategic market for The Trump Organization's growth. The Indian populace's purchasing power is growing in leaps and bounds and the number of high net-worth individuals is increasing at a rapid rate. There is high demand for super luxury products regardless of the industry and real estate is at the core of it.

While luxury products are aplenty in the real estate market in India, the demand for something distinct and unmatched is yet an untapped market. This is why the Trump brand is so relevant for India now.

The time is ripe and the reforms to foreign investment policies are all working in our favor right now. It is the best time for us to realize our dream of having a presence in this culture rich country.

We are extremely excited to work with Tribeca for our ventures in India. With Tribeca's local market know-how and our global exposure, we intend to give India a share of super luxury products that will fetch it a highly enviable position on the world map.


There is no doubt that the demand for luxury properties in India is growing. While the demand is on the rise there are very few players who can actually deliver the required level of quality and experience. The ones that have realized this are starting to build tie-ups with global developers and even renowned brands outside of real estate for distinction and appeal.

Our alignment with the Trump Organization will give us an unmatched edge in creating quality real estate products for this niche market. Trump being a highly visible and renowned developer is also a standalone luxury brand. Everything that bears the Trump name commands a premium. So what this alignment actually brings to the table besides world class expertise and quality is tremendous brand value and global media attention. It is a great opportunity for Indian players & to work with Trump in collaboration will help them raise the bar on their projects and enable then to achieve visibility on a global scale.

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