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We have always been inspired by thoughtful design, fine architecture & detailed craftsmanship. We have always been delighted by unexpected and thoughtful customer service. We have always admired organizations and individuals that have dealt with us with transparency and integrity.

When we set about to create Tribeca, we simply decided to build an organization based on the things that inspired & delighted us. We have always admired thoughtful design, customer delight, and transparency.

The Indian real estate industry has historically revolved around activities such as land acquisition, regulatory approvals and fund raising. While those activities are extremely important and form the building blocks of any real estate business, including ours, we revolve around two entirely different pivots: the consumer and the product. We think of this business as a Consumer Products business because we are delivering a product that is probably the most expensive and the most important purchase in a customer's lifetime - their home. We are building a product that will impact a large part of the customer's life and we recognize the tremendous responsibility this places on us. Therefore, we put the customer and the product at the center of every decision. Our focus on the customer translates into a strong desire to delight the customer every step of the way from the time they first hear about us until the time they take delivery of the product. Our focus on the product translates into us being passionate about design and product innovation and leads us to scour the globe and work with the best partners, architects and designers in a constant attempt to improve the buildings and spaces we deliver.

The Indian real estate industry will be transformed in the coming years. Players who deliver the best products and the best consumer experiences will win in this market in the long term. We want to play a role in the transformation. We are clear about who we are and are passionate about what we do and are building an organization with this future in mind.

To bring the best to India, we have tied up with the best in the world. Tribeca is the Exclusive India Representative of the Trump Organization. The Trump brand is one of the best known real estate brands globally, and is committed to bringing the highest quality super luxury residential, hospitality and golf course products to India by working with the best local developers.


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